Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions About Ethiopian Food

Yes, just ask your waiter/waitress and they will be able to recommend dishes to suit your requirements. If you would prefer to discuss the options available prior to your arrival please fill in the enquiry form or alternatively contact us by telephone and we will be happy to recommend dishes for you.

While some of our food is spicy, we have many dishes that are not spicy at all and some which are only slightly so. Speak with your waiter/waitress to discuss the best alternatives or if you prefer to discuss the options available prior to your arrival please fill in the enquiry form or contact us by telephone.

No. Although Ethiopian food is traditionally eaten with the hands and we encourage our customers to enjoy the traditional experience, we understand that you may prefer to use cutlery. Please inform your waiter/waitress if this is the case so that we can provide you with the appropriate cutlery.

Although we do not have a dedicated kids menu, many of our dishes are kid-friendly. Most of our dishes—including vegetarian and meat-based options—are not spicy. If necessary we will endeavor to adapt our dishes so that kids may experience Ethiopian food.

Specific Dietary Question

Our menu is really great for a vegan diet. All of the vegetarian dishes on our menus are vegan friendly.

Yes. The majority of the items on our menu are gluten free. However the enjera we provide (the bread that constitutes the base of Ethiopian food) is not gluten free. Although we have gluten free enjera available on some occasions we will not be able to provide this option all the time. In place we you can replace the enjera with rice at no extra cost. Please inform your waiter/waitress upon ordering so that we may be able to provide with rice. You can also contact the restaurant prior to your visit so that we may provide you with gluten free enjera.

Some of the EU’s list of top allergens are present in some of our dishes, but we always endeavour to adapt our menu where we can to be flexible for customers with food allergies. For food allergies including gluten, nuts, peanut, soya, sesame, celery or celeriac, mustard, sulphites, garlic or onion, please speak to a member of staff. As these allergens are present in our kitchens, we cannot guarantee, even if we endeavour to make a dish without an allergen in, that we will be 100% successful in removing it.

Yes, we are fully licensed. We have a range of alcoholic beverages including beers, wines, and spirits, as well as alcohol free options.

General Questions

To amend an online booking you will need to cancel your original booking using the online system and then rebook with the correct details. Cancelling bookings can be done by clicking on the relevant link in the confirmation email you received at the time of booking. If you prefer you can call the restaurant directly so that we may amend your previous booking.

Yes, you can deliver the cake to the restaurant earlier in the day or bring it with you when you arrive for your meal. If you want to deliver the cake earlier in the day, please call us to arrange a time. Alternatively, you can leave a note on our reservation system if you are booking online. Please Note: We can only take delivery of the cake on the day of the booking.

Yes, you can order in person or over the phone. Typically a takeaway will take between 20 and 30 minutes to prepare. However, if ordering a large number of dishes or if ordering on a busy night such as Fridays, Saturdays, New Years Eve etc it is advisable to order early to avoid a long delay.

No, currently we do not offer a delivery service.