Freshly baked bread topped with a spicy homemade sauce

Ye-timatim salata
Basil sour cream, horseradish oil, marinated radish, kale chips & warm red onion jam.

Mixed salad
Salad made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, and olive oil

Lentil salad with mustard and green chilli

Ye-Ater Alecha

Steamed peas with onions, seasoned with garlic and ginger

Ye-Atkilt Alecha

Steamed vegetables with onions, seasoned with assorted spices

Misir Wot

Split lentils in red pepper sauce seasoned with assorted spices

Defin Misr Wot

Mildly spiced whole green lentils steamed with onions, seasoned with garlic, ginger, and green chilli

Shuro Wot

Roasted and powdered chickpeas (Shuro) simmered in our unique hot and spicy berbere sauce

House favourite vegan selection (for 1)

A selection of Ye-Ater Alecha, Ye-Atkilt Alecha, Misir Wot, Azefa, Shuro Wot, and Salad

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